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Sundial cannabis is a modern, natural alternative that fits seamlessly into active, healthy lifestyles.



We are a licensed cannabis producer based in Alberta. We combine tried-and-true heartland farming with innovative horticultural techniques to grow a select range of cannabis strains.

Our focus is on consistency—a pure cannabis experience that our customers can trust and count on.


We nurture our plants by creating an environment where they can thrive. We provide water, light and nutrients in precise amounts, helping nature along and growing large, full plants that are consistent crop to crop.


Our crops are computer monitored for temperature, moisture, lighting, soil content and more, and carefully dried and cured with strict controls after harvest. But there's an art to farming—knowledge and understanding that only comes with experience. We get to know our plants and spend time with them every day, closely checking them over to make sure they are growing strong and healthy.


The current cannabis landscape in Canada can be overwhelming. We take time to give our customers the attention and assistance they need. We can help you with choosing the right products, completing and submitting your medical documents properly, and more—anything you need as a new customer or consumer to make things as easy as possible

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