Vape 101: CBD Extract & Crystallization 

Did you spot crystals in your CBD vape? They aren't only natural and completely safe, they are a sign of a high-quality extraction.

Why does crystallization happen?

Naturally occurring crystallization happens when the potency and quality of the CBD is high. Crystallization may happen with extracts that are approximately 60% or higher and, do not have enough THC to offset this effect.

Only highly pure CBD extracts tend to crystallize and therefore is an indicator of high-quality product

What does this mean for my Sundial CBD vape cartridge/pen?

We do not add any cutting agents, fillers, or artificial flavours therefore, crystallization in our CBD Vape products may occur.

● Crystallization is a natural and safe phenomenon that will not harm you, your vaping tool or disrupt the quality of the extract. 

● Crystallization fully resolves with heat, but only temporarily, and will likely recrystallize again when it cools. 

● If your Sundial extract crystallizes, it does not mean the vape cartridge is faulty or defective.

Tips if your CBD vape cart crystallizes

● Take a few hard pulls to heat the chamber which heats the oil to reduce viscosity.

● Rub the vape cartridge between your hands and the heat will de-crystallize the molecules and reduce viscosity.

● Additionally, application of gentle heat (such as a hairdryer set to low heat) will aid in de-crystallization. Please be mindful that the tip of the cartridge may be hot after applying heat.