6 Ways to Have a Gentle Mother's Day

Wondering how to celebrate this Mother’s Day? Now is the perfect time to share a little love and feel it come back to you. Have a peek at these super simple gestures and find your own way to send some kindness to the woman who shaped you. The world still has sweetness, and we all need a taste.

How Can I Send My Mom Some Love?


There are all kinds of things that can make Mother’s Day celebrations tricky. Physical distance, lack of a gifting budget, too many to-dos and not enough time, or exhaustion. All of that is okay. If you want to make a loving connection with the woman who raised you, you can try a gentle way.


At their core, these family holidays are just about kindness – giving a little something from your heart to touch someone else’s. Here are a few effortless ways to reach out.


6 Strategies to Send Your Mom a Little Comfort


The easiest ways to give a hug at a distance harness the loving side of modern tech. Depending on your mom’s level of tech savvy, you can pick a medium that works for you both.


1. If email is her thing:


Make her a playlist on YouTube Music or Spotify and send her the link. Choose songs that will make her feel good or ones that are special to her. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a significant song is worth at least a million.


2. If she has a smartphone or tablet:


Enlist your fam to join mom in an app-based version of a game that holds good memories. It might be time to indoctrinate the youngest generation into your clan’s uncivilized traditions of rivalry and smack talk.

 • Draw Something

 • Scrabble

 • Uno

 • Monopoly (but only if you’re sure your crew can handle the wrecker of relationships)



3. If she has Netflix:


Organize a Netflix watch party around her favourite show, or introduce her to something you know she’ll love. Bet you can't finish a whole episode of Love is Blind before the animated conversations begin.


4. If she’s still pretty analog, or craves a break from screentime:


Order her some materials for her hobbies and crafts. From needlecrafts and sewing to painting, puzzles and adult colouring books, has something for everyone.



5. If she’s actually pretty good at the digital lifestyle:


Arrange video chats with her grandkids. Let them regale her with tales of their latest adventures, give her shakey-cam tours of the house and give her a TED talk explaining their Minecraft world.


6. On any platform, even an ancient landline:


Ask your mom for advice. Have her walk you through an old family recipe or share the secret to her amazing tomato plants. If there’s one thing that every mother craves, it to be recognized as a keeper of knowledge. Showing interest in things that are special to her is the easiest way to let her feel seen and heard, and it gives you a chance to scoop a little of her essence to keep in your heart.


7. Don't forget to wrap yourself in comfort, too.


Whether you are a mom or have a mom, this day can bring up some big feelings. Take some time to give yourself the nurturing that we all need. Maybe it's a candlelit bath while the kids watch a movie, a cup of something nice shared with a friend over video chat, or a little something that helps you let it all go at bedtime. Find a space for whatever fills your cup. If you're into yoga, spread out that mat and get re-acquainted with your body. If you have a little cannabis on hand, all the better.

No matter what complicates your Mother's Day comfort right now, don't give up. Keep your gesture simple and let some love come through to nourish you both. You deserve to feel loved.