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You've heard the basics about how cannabis works in our bodies, but you want to know more. How do specific products interact with your unique system? This resource page is designed to guide your exploration. As a companion to our printed Experience Journal, this background info will help you feel confident experimenting and observing your relationship with weed. Stay safe and enjoy every moment as you create your personalized approach to wellness.

Why Should I Journal About My Cannabis?


If you’ve ever completed a food diary, you probably understand how powerful journaling can be. From identifying what works to spotting trends in your habits, keeping track of what you take in and how it makes you feel can give you insights to take better care of your body.


Unlike a food diary that’s been assigned like homework from your doctor or coach, your cannabis journal is going to be all about joy. Pull it out when you’re feeling the love for your favourite bud and notice what you feel, where you feel it and how long and strong it lasts.


If you’ve been feeling like your routine isn’t quite hitting the spot, or you’re not sure where to start with the new formats like edibles and vapes, this exercise can be really helpful. Cannabis science can give you general guidelines, but the research says that individual differences play a big part in our cannabis experience. This is particularly true about dosing. Starting low (even lower than you’re used to) and increasing in small increments is a recommended way to find your ideal dose. For many people, it’s lower than they’d expect.


This process can also help you figure out important details like how many puffs of a vape will give you the effects you want, how long you’ll feel high from a certain edible, or whether you notice a difference between a single-strain, broad-spectrum extract compared to a pure distillate.

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Whichever way you choose to explore with cannabis, knowledge is power. You’re the expert on your body, and with mindful experiments, you’ll find your best path to feeling great. To help you navigate your journey, the following links contain evidence-based information about cannabis compounds, formats, uses and routines. 

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