Sundial Infused RECIPE: Moscow Mules

In the mood for something refreshing? This infused cocktail is full of cool, sparkling, citrus zip — perfect for mellow moments on the patio. If you serve the infused syrup on the side and label the THC content, guests can choose for themselves how much they want to elevate their mug. It's a mouthwatering way to come together.

Infused Moscow Mules

Makes 1 serving

Approximately 5 mg THC


• 1 Tbsp cannabis-infused simple syrup*

• 1 tsp ginger syrup (not infused)

• 1 tsp gresh lime juice

• 200 ml club soda

• 50 ml ginger beer

• ½ cup crushed ice

• Lime wedges (garnish)

• Mint sprigs (garnish)


*Total THC content of the cocktail will depend on the strength of the syrup. We used a syrup with roughly 1.5 mg THC per ml. Sundial recommends no more than 5-10 mg THC per serving, even less for inexperienced consumers. Don't forget to give your body 1.5-2 hours to start feeling the effects of cannabis drinks and edibles.


Learn more about Safety Tips for a Super-chill Infused Cocktail Party.


1. Mix in ginger syrup (not infused) and lime juice

2. Stir in club soda

3. Add ice

4. Pour ginger beer over ice

5. Garnish with lime wedge and mint sprig

6. Label the infused simple syrup with its strength (i.e. how many milligrams of THC per tablespoon) and serve it on the side. Everyone's THC tolerance and edibles experience is different, so let guests choose the right strength for them.

Did you Know?

Moscow Mules are full of superfoods. Mint can soothe digestion and ease pain, ginger can reduce nausea, pain and inflammation, and lime can improve immune function and reduce the risk of heart disease.

On top of being full of beneficial ingredients, the infused Mule is a delicious thrill. Edibles afficionado Nathan Witte paints a mouth-watering picture of the experience. “Just looking at the drink glistening inside its copper cup made me think, wow, that looks refreshing! It was like that Ceasar commercial, where as soon as you see it, everyone wants one. The taste was really good. I tasted the lime, ginger, and sweetness of it. The flavours and the syrup covered the taste of the cannabis quite well. This cool, refreshing drink made me feel like I was back in the social community, and the effect was surprisingly mellow and joyful.”