Sleep is essential to life but can be disrupted by any number of issues or conditions. For many, cannabis can help.

Sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health. It's a chance to relax your body and your mind—to restore and recharge yourself. There are many reasons people can struggle with sleep, from general insomnia brought on by anxiety or stress, to sleep-related conditions or sleep disturbances due to pain.


Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, whether occasionally or chronically. It can have any number of causes, and different cannabis strains have different results for different people.


People who suffer from severe post-traumatic stress experience anxiety and nightmares. Cannabis can reduce REM sleep resulting in fewer, less vivid dreams1.

Sleep Apnea

As cannabis calms and relaxes the body, it can help stabilize breathing in people who suffer from sleep apnea2. This helps prevent the temporary breathing lapses that define the condition, and with related issues, like snoring.


Pain, whether from an injury or chronic condition, can interfere with sleep. Cannabis can temporarily ease pain3 enough to make sleeping possible or make consumers drowsy enough that they can rest through the discomfort.


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