Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common problems. Can cannabis provide stress relief and help you deal with anxiety?

18% of adults suffer from a mild-to-severe anxiety condition1. This doesn't include the day-to-day stresses that can overwhelm us all sometimes. We now understand just how toxic stress symptoms can be—they’re emotionally taxing and can take a physical toll on your body causing very real problems, including pain, insomnia and more.

Some of the most common self-reported reasons people choose to consume cannabis2 is to reduce stress and help with anxiety. The research on cannabis and stress is still young, but early signs show that it can be helpful for both temporary relief after a stressful day or as a tool to help with chronic anxiety problems.

With certain cannabis strains, people may find the psychoactive effects calming and relaxing3. You can even pair it with other relaxation methods, like breathing, essential oils or a hot bath to help unwind after a long day, easing your muscles and calming your mind. Recent studies have also shown that low doses of THC can reduce overall levels of stress and anxiety people report feeling.

Some studies have shown that using only CBD in oil or capsule form can reduce everyday feelings of anxiety for extended periods, while low-temperature vaporizing with CBD-rich cannabis can relieve panic attacks in a few short minutes4.


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