Sundial Growers Inc. (“Sundial”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoff Thompson as the company’s President and Ryan Hellard as its Chief Marketing and Product Officer. These experienced and proven leaders will play key roles within the Sundial leadership team as the company prepares to enter the medical and adult-use markets and pursues international expansion opportunities. 

“Sundial is preparing for the next steps in its evolution, which include entering the consumer market, positioning the company’s brand and product line, and strengthening partnerships with investors and other stakeholders,” said Sundial CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. “Geoff Thompson and Ryan Hellard will be key members of our leadership team focused on executing these critical elements of our strategy.” 

Thompson is an award-winning leader with decades of proven leadership experience. He has been a leading executive at six successful companies, including start-ups and established businesses in the tech, telecom, and construction industries. In 2015, he earned the distinguished title of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. As Sundial’s President, Thompson will lead the company’s Business Development and Investor Relations activities as well as the Finance and Legal functions. He has been with Sundial for over a year and has played a key role with the company to date. 

“Sundial would not be where it is today without Geoff’s significant contributions,” explained Kuenzlen. “His focus will now shift externally as we pivot toward the next phase in our company’s evolution. His steady and experienced leadership is invaluable and his intimate understanding of Sundial’s strategy makes him our ideal President.” 

Ryan Hellard’s track record in the areas of digital marketing, technological innovation, and product development sets him apart in his field. Since 2012, he has led App Colony as its President, where he focused on building an innovative agency that developed marketing strategies and digital solutions for leading Canadian companies, including Sundial. As the Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Hellard’s areas of responsibility will include Marketing, Product Research and Development, Communications, and Information Technology. 

“We are very fortunate to have a dynamic professional like Ryan join us as our Chief Marketing and Product Officer. He and his team at AppColony have been instrumental in developing Sundial’s brand, product, and IT strategy,” said Kuenzlen. “Having Ryan join our leadership team will allow us to further accelerate our progress and execution in these critical areas.”