Sundial Growers Inc. ("Sundial") and Olds College have agreed to collaborate to develop a Cannabis Production Program. The Continuing Education program will teach in-demand skills and provide hands-on training to prepare participants for employment at cannabis production facilities.

"Sundial is committed to the development of a highly skilled cannabis production workforce in Alberta," explained Sundial's CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. "This partnership with Olds College allows us to support our local community while preparing individuals for employment in the cannabis industry."

Sundial will provide Olds College with subject matter experts to advise on course curriculum and the skills required for success in the industry. Additionally, Sundial will provide students with access to their production facilities in order to gain real life experience as part of the field study portion of the program. The agreement also includes a research component where Sundial will consider Olds College requests to conduct applied research activities related to cannabis production within the Company's facilities and under the purview of their ACMPR license.

"Our employees are excited about collaborating with Olds College on the development of this program," added Kuenzlen. "In addition to learning industry developed curriculum online, students will gain first-hand experience in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, flagship facility in Olds." 

The program will consist of four on-line modules that include: Understanding the ACMPR; Good Manufacturing Processes; Good Processing Practices; Documentation and Traceability; Sanitation Processes; and Growing Facility Maintenance. Upon completion of the online modules, students will have an opportunity to participate in a short work experience field study at Sundial where they will apply the production practices from the program in a hands-on environment. Registration for the new Cannabis Production Program opens May 1st, with delivery starting July 3, 2018.