Sundial Growers Inc. (“Sundial”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Jamie Cox will be joining the company as Chief Medical Officer in July 2018.

“I am thrilled that Dr. Cox is coming on board as Sundial’s Chief Medical Officer,” said Sundial CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. “Dr. Cox has considerable experience with medical cannabis as a physician and will be invaluable to our team. His knowledge and expertise will position our company as a leader in the area of medical cannabis research and education.”

Dr. Cox comes to Sundial with decades of senior level experience in both government and the private sector. He worked as the Chief Medical Officer for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and as the Medical Director with General Motors and Saturn. He has also worked as a medical consultant in the areas of disability management, workers compensation management, on-site health and safety evaluation and risk analysis. Most recently, Dr. Cox worked as a physician where he advised over 2,500 patients with treatment options available through medical cannabis.

“I have worked extensively with cannabis as a treatment option for patients and I see tremendous value in the plant as a medicine that can improve the quality of life for people suffering from a variety of conditions,” said Dr. Cox. “My work with cannabis and its many medicinal uses attracted me to Sundial and their commitment to a science-based approach.”

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Cox will actively participate in and provide input into Sundial’s medical cannabis research and development, and cannabis education and training initiatives. He will also be responsible for building strategic relationships with healthcare professionals and organizations.