OLDS, AB, June 14, 2018 /CNW/ - Sundial Growers Inc. ("Sundial") has started to receive and install their custom-built cannabis cultivation modules at their flagship facility in Olds, Alberta, accelerating the expansion of the 35,000 square foot cultivation facility and administration building, which was built using traditional methods.

Sundial's proprietary cannabis cultivation modules were designed and built in partnership with Alberta-based Modus, which specializes in high performance modular buildings. The modular construction method allows Sundial to produce quality cannabis in tailored growing environments and to build and scale much more quickly than traditional building methods allow.

"Through our partnership with Modus, Sundial is setting a new standard for cannabis cultivation facilities in Canada and around the world," said Sundial CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. "Innovative manufacturing and construction techniques will enable Sundial to produce the quality cannabis efficiently at scale and to build capacity rapidly. This will allow us to be agile and flexible in our future expansion plans. Upon completion of our facility in Olds, Sundial will have the largest purpose-built modular cannabis facility in the world with capacity to grow well over 100 million grams annually in more than 140 state-of the-art grow rooms."

Each component of the modular cultivation rooms has been specifically designed to optimize cannabis cultivation. Individual modular units are 24 X 60 feet and, when paired, will form an ideally sized 2,880 square foot cultivation room. The entire structure is made from inorganic materials, significantly reducing risks like mold which are a common challenge in cannabis production. The insulation is 96 percent effective, allowing for precise climate control. Floors are made from a material that has less than a 0.1% absorption rating, which means they won't retain moisture. Specialised inorganic sealing materials and paint have been used throughout the modular structure. Walls are smooth and flat with no joints or seams and the walls have been rounded at the top and bottom to prevent water from being caught in the corners. This creates a pharmaceutical-grade production environment and enables optimal sanitation.

"Every single component in these structures was carefully considered when they were designed for Sundial," said Hadi Feltham, Business Development Officer of Modus. "Sundial came to Modus with a vision to grow the best quality cannabis efficiently as a way to set them apart as an industry leader. We are very excited to be delivering and installing the structures that will be the heart of their flagship facility in Olds, Alberta."

Over a two week period, individual units will be travelling down the highway every day from Modus' factory in Crossfieldto Sundial's site in Olds. The units will be installed onto screw piles that were set ahead of delivery and they will be paired by connecting two units to form a single cultivation room. Special corridors will then be delivered and installed to connect the cultivation rooms, creating a 70,000 square foot pod, which will consist of 20 individual grow rooms that are made up of 40 individual modular units.

As the company prepares to complete the first operational phase of its facility, Sundial has also submitted an evidence package to Health Canada, which is a requirement in obtaining its License to Cultivate in that facility.

By 2019, Sundial plans to complete its flagship facility in Olds, which is expected to produce well over 100 million grams of dry cannabis and process over 30 million grams of cannabis extracts each year.

About Sundial Growers Inc. 
Sundial Growers Inc. ("Sundial") is a privately held, Alberta-based Health Canada ACMPR-approved licensed producer of medical cannabis. Sundial combines tried and true heartland farming practices with innovative horticultural techniques to grow a select range of cannabis strains. Our focus is on producing consistent cannabis that our customers can trust.

Sundial currently operates a 31,000 square foot production facility in Rocky View, Alberta, and has two separate production facilities in various stages of completion and licensing. By 2019, we expect to be one of the leading cannabis companies in the country with a projected production of over 150 million grams of dry cannabis and the ability to process over 30 million grams of cannabis extracts.