Custom-Built Cultivation Modules Set a New Industry Standard for Cannabis Cultivation

Sundial Growers Inc. (“Sundial”) is pleased to announce that the first phase of its 500,000 square foot flagship facility in Olds, Alberta has been licensed for cultivation by Health Canada. When fully completed, the facility will consist of 140 state-of-the-art, individually controlled cultivation rooms.

“Receiving this license is one of Sundial’s most significant milestones to date and I am extremely proud of our team’s commitment to develop and execute this important project,” said Sundial CEO, Torsten Kuenzlen. “We will now immediately transfer cannabis plants from our existing and already licensed Rocky View facility into our new flagship facility and begin cultivating in Olds immediately.”

Once fully completed next year, Sundial’s Olds facility will be capable of producing over 100 million grams of cannabis annually, making it the world’s largest purpose-built, modular cannabis cultivation facility capable of producing small batch, high quality cannabis.

“The modular design of our new Olds facility is a major competitive advantage for Sundial. It allows us to grow highest quality cannabis in fully controlled conditions and leverages our diverse genetic library of over 100 cannabis strains,” added Kuenzlen. “The new flagship facility will generate significant revenue and profit by meeting the strong market demands in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.”

Sundial also has a significant impact on the local economy in Olds and surrounding Alberta communities, where the company expects to employ approximately 500 people once it is fully completed.

“We are pleased that Sundial has been approved for their license to cultivate by Health Canada as this will lead to the company’s growth, which in turn will create more employment in our area and help grow and diversify our economy.” said Olds Mayor, Michael Muzychka.